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  • Providing tutorial services for students in grades 4K-12th

  • Fostering parental involvement by requiring parent, guardian, or someone of leadership from the student’s family to assist onsite

  • Administering informal assessments to assist parents in discovering their gifts

  • Encouraging literacy by providing a comfortable and less intimidating learning environment

  • Promoting literacy through onsite collection of leveled text






  • Creating a positive environment for participants by using effective communication and positive reinforcement

  • Connecting participants with mentors in their field of interest

  • Promoting positive self-images

  • Encouraging participants to recognize their gifts in order to maximize strengths










Health & Wellness

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles by depicting the effects of limited exercise and unhealthy eating habits

  • Creating health-conscious adolescents through structured lessons on diet and exercise as they relate to healthy living

  • Providing preventive domestic violence measures by offering instruction in conflict resolution techniques that avoid the use of physical and/or verbal abuse






Graduation Ceremony

  • Each successful participant will receive:

    • College search and application assistance

    • Job skills preparation workshops

    • Job search placement assistance

    • Certificate of Completion

Bridging the gap to a better future


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