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Dear Potential Donors,

Bridging the Gap Advocacy is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote cultural harmony through education, health and wellness, conflict resolution training, and preventive domestic violence training for our youth. 

This is not Black, White, Hispanic or any other race problem, but rather a United States of America problem. What is the solution? Let's all become a strong plank in the bridge between our children's and parents' gifts and their future.


The Bridging the Gap Center has assembled some of the best retired and active teachers and community leaders in the state of South Carolina. These individuals volunteer countless hours to help save our youth -- as well as adults who need a second chance in life.


When our youth win, everyone wins. We will have better families, better employees, better communities, better states, and a better nation.



We are reaching out to you for financial support as well as volunteers.We can not wait another day, another hour, or another minute.


Please make checks payable to:

Bridging the Gap

P. O. Box 535

Laurens, SC 29360

Thank you for your support,

Calvin Whitmire, President
Bridging The Gap Advocacy 


Board Members:

Susan Cooke (Treasurer)
Harold Ligon (Secretary)

Vicky Culbertson

Sebastian Hellebuyck

Robert Lytes

Doris M. Patterson

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Bridging the gap to a better future

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