Youth Planters with Master Gardener
Bridging the Gap students learn that when you plant a seed,work, and trust God good things will happen.
The Harvest
After hard work the Harvest came forth. Senior citizens were able to enjoy the corn, sweet potatoes, butter beans, green beans, squash, and tomatoes.
Student getting help with his math at our after-school program
BGA'S First Annual Kickoff Cookout
Educators, business leaders, city officials, students, and community members across the county coming together in harmony to celebrate
Our Sign
Bridging the Gap Advocacy's 1st sign was designed and donated by an avid supporter.
LDHS Raiders
The Laurens Raiders football team and coaching staff attend our 1st annual kickoff cookout.
Kids being tutored with parentel involvement
King Dixon
Greg Alexander and King Dixon attend our 1st annual community youth rally.
Kids playing at the youth rally
Community Involvement
Kids enjoying themselves at the youth rally
LDHS Football
Laurens Raiders attend the 1st annual kickoff cookout
Check donated by the City of Laurens being presented by former Mayor Sharon Brownlee.
Bridging Kids
Students utilizing the computer lab
Annual Walk
Serving food and refreshments after our 1st Annual Walk
Support from the LDHS Football Team
Laurens Raiders striking a pose at the 1st annual kickoff cookout.
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Student getting help with his math at our after-school program